Creative, sweaty flow with fun options. Great music, great adjustments. Loved every second. 

I can't begin to describe how good I feel every time after Christine's class! She's wonderful and her flow sequences really open you up.


Hands down one of the best classes of my life! 

Christine is the best. She breaks everything down and creates a fun flow... great for beginners and yogis who have practiced a long time!

The class was so inspiring! I always feel her basics classes strengthen my practice so much!

Very challenging physically, but more importantly a genuine sense of SPIRITUALITY! 



June 19-21, 2020

Let me take you to my favorite hangouts and food spots in one of Cali's iconic surf towns after morning practice! Our home for the weekend boasts iconic Cali sunsets and a hot tub, one block from the beach.


suspended temporarily, see online classes

Grinning Yogi, Seattle

Greenwood Sundays 9:30am 

Capitol Hill 5:30pm Mondays


Equinox + YogaWorks 

pop ups and workshops only for now :)

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