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self care + you

What would you say if I told you I could give you a a road map to your well-being?

Let's unveil some life-changing choices that are 100% possible in your life right now.


What are you doing during each hour of the day for YOU?

I will give you a clear understanding which choices may have brought you to your current state and why choices can bring you back to balance.

Your plan will include a selection of choices: 

daily self-care rituals + routines 

yoga poses or types + meditation 

food categories + eating habits/environments

activities + relationships 

essential oils therapy at home + at work 


Also includes: ​

monthly oil + self care newsletter

an invite to our facebook community

forever guest pass to any of my studio classes

moral support and adjustments for one month post-consult

"Wow, in just an hour I got an owner's manual for myself!"

- Nicole

"Makes it so clear how to be happier and healthier."

- Jenna

"I'm so much more aware of what choices I'm making."

- Meera