First, we inquire.

We take 90 minutes to dive into top issues, your natural state, your imbalanced state, what you're doing now, what is/isn't working, and how you are managing your day-to-day for self-care. We investigate what might be causing you to throw yourself out of balance. After this thorough inquiry, I develop a plan to guide the days ahead. 

Next, we implement.

You take the plan, work it into your day. It will be totally practical, doable, and set up to set you up for success. It will meet you where you are and not totally overturn every aspect of your life. That is not sustainable. We want wellbeing to stick and stay. In 2-4 weeks (determined based on travel, how well implementation kicked off for you), we check in for 60 minutes to follow up on all parts of the plan. We figure out what adjustments to make and send you off on your path of implementation again. 

Then, we sustain. 

You commit. You keep going. If you lose touch with some parts of the plan, you get back on the wagon and start again. Don't give up! I'll be here for moral support if you need it! This is the discipline needed for transformation. In yoga, we call it tapas (though the Spanish cuisine type could be part of the plan, who knows)! In 4 weeks after implementation, we check in again for 60 minutes and go over all of it! Then, we set up next steps and more.  


Changes can include:  

  • yoga poses or types + meditation 

  • food categories + eating habits or environments

  • leisure activities + personal relationships

  • daily self-care rituals + wellbeing routines

  • essential oils therapy at home + at work


Also includes: 

  • Monthly newsletter focusing on essential oils therapy and simple and practical self-care methods

  • Inclusion in our invitation-only facebook community for self-care and essential oils therapy 

  • A forever guest pass to any public class I lead, anywhere

Yoga Health Alchemy: 3-Part Kickstart


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