What to Do, When Itchy, Down There

Updated: Apr 27

This is going to be a short post, because if you're reading this, you probably need to attend to something fairly quickly.

Sometimes you itch, "down there," and you need a prescription. Other times, it's just goes something like this: "I went to yoga, it was hot, I sweated, I got busy, I forgot to change my leggings, it's been a few hours, and yeah... I'm a little uncomfortable and irritated right about now."

Sound familiar?

Truth: there are some times in a woman's life that require just a little help, but not a full-blown doc visit, for vaginal irritation and itch. This is my own creation, and I found it worked. Others found it worked, and all of us couldn't believe it. Believe it!

Let's just call the blend, "DOWN THERE."

Combine in a 10 ml dropper:

  • 5-8 drops geranium (a little more if 15 ml dropper)

  • 5-8 drops clove (same as geranium, little less)

  • Carrier oil to the top (I use fractionated coconut oil)

Swirl. Apply to affected area externally only. Exhale. Label the bottle so you don't use it somewhere else. (Max 30 drops in the big dropper, and use sparingly.)

You're welcome. Namaste.

Definitely, this is a warning not to do anything your doctor says you shouldn't do and a disclaimer that I am not a doctor. This is one gal speaking to another about what works for me and sharing it.

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