Three Oils to Heal the Heart

Updated: Jan 3

Where do I apply my essential oils? On my heart! Let me explain...

To support my wellbeing daily, I apply essential oils via rollers on my skin, primarily on my chest in the energetic space of the heart. Rollers are easy-to-manage, carry, and use - plus, they're pre-diluted for safety. This aromatherapy method is efficient and effective, helping me stay consistent with self care. Consistency is everything!

Through your skin, the absorption of oils and their active plant components accesses your limbic system - your emotional brain. When I apply on my heart, I'm going direct, yogically and energetically, where the spiritual and physical body connect in balance: the 4th chakra, or anahata. Anahata is an energetic place in the subtle body that represents the expansion and potential of love, compassion, and courage. Powerful stuff! Additionally, applying at the heart gives me a double hit, because as I breathe, I treat myself with the oils aromatically, too.

Yet, I can't speak of the 4th chakra and the heart without asking this: isn't the space of the heart that needs the most healing? This is just an important question for all of us, honestly.

That said, here are three oils to heal the heart. Roll 'em on your heart and help the healing expand.

Top pick: Rose

One of the most powerful healers, planting and harvesting quality rose oil is a complex, delicate, and labor-intensive process. It takes about 242,000 rose petals to distill about 5 ml of rose oil, known as the Queen of the Oils. Each of those drops packs a punch for your skin and for your emotions. "Rose oil had physiological and psychological relaxation, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects," according to a study in the National Institutes of Health. A variety of studies reported stress reduction, sleep improvement, and relief of headaches, depression, and menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes.

I was very skeptical about rose at first. I had scent memories of a drug store greeting card aisle. However, the choice of doTERRA's Rose Touch resonated with me. When I roll it on my heart, I feel instantly soothed, and it's now my number one go-to when I start to feel my deepest emotions - like family challenges - getting the best of me. The emotional calming also benefits the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety, too.

Soothing second: Magnolia

Used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine to move qi (vital energy), which regulates the body's organs and internal systems, Magnolia is said to unblock energy. When that happens, traditional Chinese medicine says the resulting health "flow" is what keeps illness at bay. Magnolia oil is a GABA booster, increasing the neurotransmission of calming feelings, and used to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, enhance wellbeing, and support sleep. It also can be an aphrodisiac (hello love)! Magnolia is harvested at night when its fragrance is most potent... think Moon Goddess.

I know everyone loves lavender for a good hight's sleep (and Serenity blend), but I have to say Magnolia is the one I swipe on my wrists and heart at bed time. It calms my nerves, soothes my heartbeat, and helps me let go of worries for better rest. Sometimes I use it as a personal scent if I'm out of my yoga clothes and in a real dress on date night!

Essential third: Breathe Touch Blend

If you can't breathe, you can't possibly allow your body's deepest, relaxing, diaphragmatic stress-relieving breath to direct your central nervous system to a happier, more loving place. That kind of breathing signals your parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and restore part) to do its job. Today, in our always-on society, the other side - sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) - dominates. If caught in fight or flight chronically, the rest of your body works harder, become taxed, and then starts to break down. You won't feel well, and little by little, small issues will turn into bigger problems.

The breath is everything, and this blend not only helps move air to calm you on the inside, it just smells good. This roller is always in my purse, travel bag, and yoga bag. It not only helps me breathe easier with its combination of oils, led by Laurel Leaf and Eucalyptus, but it reminds me to take a deep breath when life feels tight in my chest and heart.

Love. Compassion. Courage.

Give yourself three essentials for life and the heart. Roll on!

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