Stress hack: organize your calendar by the chakras

I'm working on book #2 and #3, and I'm proud to say an article I wrote about my inner yoga nerd habits inspired one of the book concepts. At its core is the idea that we can find balance by understanding the chakras and how they can guide us to make better decisions in a super practical way.

Here's the nut: if you look at my calendar, it's color-coded by the colors of the chakras and the related energies and qualities they represent. Red is for muladhara chakra, the root chakra, which represents safety, grounding, and basic needs, so when I schedule work, it's in red. I need money to house and feed myself (and my dog, so it's red for her purposes, too). In the system of the chakras, we need that foundation before we can do anything. So, if you are ignoring your basic needs, you will be out of balance from the ground-up. Make sense? 

Take it one step further. If your whole calendar is red, and nothing else, you are not balanced because you're ignoring other things you need, like FUN, EXPLORATION, LOVE, IMAGINATION. When you see your whole calendar go red, it's time to add other colors that correspond to the other chakras and other important energies you need for life balance. 

Forget this idea of work-life balance, and just balance your life, period. Your calendar will be a lot more fun to look at, too. 

You can read the whole thing here, which I wrote for Sonima: A Brilliant Way to Organize Your Calendar for Less Stress republished on Huffington Post).


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