Sleep Strategies and Natural Remedies to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Updated: Jan 3

Coffee and concealer, sure, but, nothing beats consistently deep sleep for besting puffy eyes and under eye circles.

If we're talking #truth here, we can make some other choices to support our wellbeing and sleep - sustainably. I'll get right to it, because if you're reading this, you're probably tired, and I won't have your attention for long.

Some of the top barriers to sleep that helps you be healthy overall:

  • Stress, with a variety of causes, but chronically can create a physical response as if there is a threat, amping up cortisol and increasing bursts of energy frequently and regularly, versus allowing the body to let go and rest

  • A busy mind from technology that keeps the mind alert at bedtime and suppresses melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake rhythms

  • Alcohol, which might make you temporarily tired but long term will rob you of REM and high quality sleep

Just tackling any one of those on the way to life change is a major commitment, but let's start small. Become aware when you're making those choices and create healthier habits as a first step. Just start. The "rest" will come in time.

HOW to Practice Yoga for Stress Relief

People are always saying, go to yoga class, you'll feel less stressed afterward, which is great, but what if you can't get to class? First, if you're on your mat checking your phone, well... First, try going to yoga class and paying attention to each breath. Practice being exactly where you are and untethering yourself from your phone. This includes apps for your heart rate, unless directed by a doctor. Work on more regular, deeper breaths outside of class too. Deep breathing cues the nervous system that you're safe, and you can relax. Your body will start to release tension and stress more often, and then for longer periods of time.

Put Down the Device to Calm the Mind and Body

The best advice is to stop all technology 1-2 hours before bedtime. Since this is not realistic for so many of us, let's try one hour before bedtime, okay? Even if you're just reading gossip about The Bachelorette (just a for instance, no one in particular...) it's information that keeps your mind engaged and focusing on something versus decompressing. Plus, light from your devices restricts production of melatonin, which is the hormone, in regulation, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep naturally (you can take supplements, but some report morning grogginess).

Reduce Wine and Other Drinks

You might fall asleep a little easier, but your sleep is likely to be interrupted and not deeply enough to let sleep do its job, which is to repair and restore your vital... everything... overnight. Alcohol reduces your breathing capacity, which is critical to the relaxation process that supports deep, REM sleep. It can also lead to alcohol dependency to go to bed, which kicks off a cycle of thinking it helps you sleep, but long term doesn't really help with overall wellbeing.

When you keep robbing yourself of this deep restoration period regularly, you'll be setting yourself up for illnesses, greater stress, and little problems like under eye circles and puffy eyes. Get started on the underlying issues for lack of sleep, and meantime, treat yourself to a little self-care as you create better habits for a lifetime.

Here's a soothing and reparative eye treatment that can help reduce stress, too!

If you're interested to know more, contact me for a free oils consult, or my 3-part kickstart for wellbeing. We'll address your top concerns and design a totally do-able plan to help you feel better more often, and for a lot longer!


  • Rosehip oil - tissue regeneration

  • Cypress - supports circulation, reduces fluid retention

  • Roman Chamomile - calms + reduces puffiness

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