self-care, yup! this is eggs-actly how to start the week

My friend planted the idea with me awhile ago, this concept of pre-making muffin-tin egg bites. I LOVED them then, and now that I'm doing them (having found all my kitchen stuff post-move), I am STILL loving them. This is genius for the busy person. Just spend 25 minutes prepping to be well to begin each day of the week.

I'm a firm believer that if you don't eat in the morning, you set yourself up in deficit from the start. You fuel up the car for the ride... so fuel up your body for the day ahead. Get up earlier and back-time breakfast to meet your departure time. This act is an example of true self-care - taking care yourself consistently, not going to the spa or sitting on the couch to recover from exhaustion and burnout

Ideally, sitting down and eating quietly, tasting your food and enjoying it, is the best way to keep the digestive fire happy and your positive mental state fed. However, I am a realist like you. We do what we can. It's not perfect, but we can make choices. This weekly egg deal is just one idea to help us make sure we get SOMETHING in our tummies before we start rolling through our day! And, it's delicious!


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and set up 12 muffin cups on a baking sheet.

2. Whisk eggs + ingredients in a bowl.

> Egg whites or egg substitutes

> salt + pepper to taste

> turmeric (an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory brain booster)

3. Add some various fillings to the muffin cups, such as:


  • kale, broccoli, asparagus, basil

  • heirloom tomatoes, bell pepper

  • goat cheese, vegan non-dairy cheese

  • ground turkey, mushrooms

  • cilantro, chives

  • spices - e.g. Trader Joe's Everything Bagel, ras al-hanout (classic Moroccan spice blend), chili flakes, coriander, cumin, sea salt

Mix it up within the dozen... just about anything goes (also a great way to maximize leftovers from the weekend)!

4. Pour egg mixture over the fillings in the muffin cups, filling to about three-quarters.

5. Place in center rack and bake for 20 minutes (a little more is okay too).

6. Remove from the oven when done, and pop the bites right out of the silicone cups.

7. Eat and/or store in the fridge for later (30 seconds reheat or eat without reheating if it's really a desperate situation... again, at least you'll have fuel in your belly).

Another pro-tip: spend one hour on a Sunday prepping all your meal ingredients for the week. This way, you'll only have to assemble when you are wayyyy tired.

Have a great week!!

*Not all ingredients are great choices for all (e.g. if you're super, intensely stressed, maybe no chili flakes). Let me know if you want to chat about Ayurveda and what might be better choices for you - for example, I have given up bell peppers for life.

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