Manage Each Day with This Suite of Oils

Updated: Jan 2

If you wake up, chug coffee, and keep chugging coffee to sustain your day, I have some information that could help you make more natural choices that are better for your health in the long run than being addicted to coffee. That morning "boost" will end up creating sleeplessness, anxiety, and irritability in the long run if you rely on that to charge your day all day.

Each day is different, yes of course, but generally most of us roll like this: rise/awaken, sustain/focus (aka get sh** done), calm/stress relief, rest and restore.

Here's what I do: I drink one cup of awesome coffee in the morning and make it a ritual with walking my dog. And then I move toward essential oils for the rest of the day. If it's a little overwhelming, or you're just getting started, there's a suite of oils that will do you right - easy, manageable, and super helpful to make each day just a little better and more sane.

I've chosen these to work with a diffuser, because aromatic use is one of the most accessible, safe ways to deliver the benefits of these powerful plants. (However, if you're on the ball, dilute with a carrier oil in a roller and apply directly to your skin!) Take a moment, peruse the list, and breathe deeply. You're on your way to daily mood management that is super easy and so natural!

RISE/AWAKEN - as part of your wake-up and morning routine

SUSTAIN/FOCUS - in your office, work space, or in the car if you're on the go

CALM/STRESS RELIEF - as the day's events pile up and overwhelm sets in

REST/RESTORE - an hour before bed, start the process of unwinding

If you still need a little support, check with me for a 1:1 consult!

(My trusted brand (though not exclusive) is doTERRA, and you can read more about my choices for context, here.)

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