Let's Roll With It! The Smart Approach to Essential Oil Therapy on Your Skin

Updated: Jan 2

So many of you have asked me how to make a roller with your essential oils! I will admit, it's one of my favorite ways to integrate the wisdom of essential oils therapy into my life. Just yesterday, something happened that was emotionally troubling. I was in a group setting, so I reached into my bag and grabbed my Rose Touch and applied it to my heart and neck. At bedtime, I often reach for Magnolia Touch, roll away my cares for the day and drift off to sleep.

Topical application of any essential oils works like anything else absorbed through your largest organ, the skin, by transmitting messages to your limbic system - a brain region that controls emotions and influences your nervous system. In doing so, these messages can affect stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immunity.

A range of studies (with research growing all the time), show a quality rose essential oil addresses anxiety, depression, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, and migraines. It can also enhance libido, reduce stress, and boost mood. Magnolia soothes the mind, is a bit of sedative, and promotes personal peace and harmony while combating anxiety, stress, and depression. A good magnolia will be produced by harvesting blossoms at night, when their fragrance is most potent.

With your essential oils that are neat (straight out of the bottle), it's best to dilute them. To make own rollers for whatever you need, this also helps you apply them smoothly and broadly. Examples: bergamot - dilute in a roller for instant stress relief! Peppermint - dilute in a roller for instant alertness, nausea/motion sickness relief! Tea Tree - dilute in a roller to pack in the kids' bag for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc. The list goes on!

Dilution is different for different purposes, depending on the strength of the oils (peppermint dominates so you need less) and your purpose (say, insomnia).

In a nutshell:

  • Dilute lightly for kids, seniors, and people with sensitive skin

  • For regular and sustained use for an adult, the number of drops per 10 ml roller can be a little higher - by regular and sustained, this means the way I used the rose - like a go to perhaps multiple times a day, daily

  • For remedies and specific purposes (aka, a spot treatment for eczema or hives), you can be more generous with the essential oil drops per roller, so that the deployment of the essential oil potency is a little stronger.

Make sense? As for the roller bottle itself, check out one of my videos (there's more to come, I promise): How to Make A Roller 101: BergBerry Goodness. You'll get an idea of technique for putting it all together.

Have fun!

I'm here to help you keep learning! Please book me for a 1:1 consult on essential oils therapy. We can apply $35 of it toward quality oils with my partner, doTERRA. If you want to know why I do what I do and make these choices, check out this blog: The Root Of Essential Oils and My Top Picks for Daily Self Care.

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