How to USE Essential Oils for Anxiety & Sleep

March 18, 2020. Day two of "shelter at home" in the SF Bay Area, and I'm here to say this: don't believe anyone who says you can cure coronavirus with essential oils.

However, this plant medicine has been around for a long time and can help you with coping, immunity, and some of the side effects of coronavirus. Two big ones you've been sharing with me lately: anxiety and insomnia. These two often show up in relationship to one another, even in good times, but right now? I need extra help. Do you?

Rather than just give you a list of oils and their properties/powers, here's a list of ones I recommend and a practical how-to.


I'm going to focus on two ways this time: diffusing and topical application. Inhaling or absorbing essential oils transmits messages to the limbic system, which controls your emotions and influences your nervous system. Reducing stress boosts immunity. For diffusing, you can use a diffuser with or without water. For topical, please dilute (for rollers, I use fractionated coconut oil) in a carrier such as jojoba oil or unscented lotion.

Studies have shown essential oils use can affect your heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function (most of all, it's important to understand that when your body is not in chronic fight-or-flight but has adequate rest-and-restore to sleep well and regularly to boost your immunity).


We are all different people and have different needs, so please book a consult with me to help you choose oils and implement them in your household and life!

For March and April, I am offering a 50% discount on this consult. Book it here.

At the bottom this post will be a shopping cart with all these oils at wholesale prices - add or subtract as you need. Directions at the bottom. Quality matters.


  • Bottom line: Accessible, safe for most, okay for kids and pets. This is one every household should have.

  • What it does: Reduces anxiety, relaxes body and mind, calms, sedates, helps with skin issues like eczema and fungal infections

  • How:

  1. Diffuse: Add a couple drops to your diffuser in a room where you need to calm TF down or get some real rest. Set your diffuser to intermittent if you're going to be running it for a few hours. If you're setting it before bedtime, you can set it up for a shut off after one or two hours.

  2. Topical: Without dilution, you can use a couple of drops on the bottoms of your feet to sleep. With dilution, you can buy or make a roller and roll it on your pulse points and on specific skin areas needing attention. You can also add this to liquid soaps, detergents, and lotions/body oils, too!


  • Bottom line: Underestimated by the masses; One of my faves for anxiety and sleep; Smells awful on its own (I think) but worth it

  • What it does: Stabilizes, grounds, counteracts exhaustion, anxiety, and stress

  • How: Topical. In a roller, I use it on my chest, neck, or dab on my temples. Blend it with lavender for serious relaxation or balance it out with a citrus, like bergamot, so that you're stable but still productive. You can also add a few drops of each to an unscented liquid soap, lotion, or body oil.


  • Bottom line: "king" of the oils because of its versatility; a resin that acts as a defense mechanism for trees (and humans) to fend off threats to the well-being of the tree

  • What it does: Diminishes feelings of stress and anxiety, improves concentration, supports memory, sedates, promotes easier breathing

  • How:

  1. Diffuse: 3-5 drops in a diffuser at night to sleep, or during the day to mediate your emotions and deepen your breath (which supports your nervous system). I have my dad diffuse at night to help him sleep, and he loves it (he was a total non-believer).

  2. Topical: In a roller, use on the skin where you will be able to smell it, as it can help clear nasal passages and relieve congestion. You can use it on minor skin wounds to protect in the healing process or as an anti-aging in skin care (I drop it in my face wash).


  • Bottom line: a type of orange, putting it in the citrus category primarily known for mood boosting

  • What it does: Can help with sleep quality by reducing anxiety (but not necessarily a sleep-inducer); creates a brighter outlook

  • How:

  1. Diffuse: 3-5 drops in a diffuser during the day to keep your mood upbeat. Combine with lavender, frankincense, or vetiver to balance being upbeat with a sense of calm and/or stability.

  2. Topical: In a roller, I like to combine this with a doTERRA blend called Breathe, which helps with respiratory support.


I also recommend these doTERRA blends in handy roller format

  • Adaptiv - Therapy in a Bottle

  • Breathe - Respiratory Support

  • Console - Comfort and Hope

  • Serenity - Sleep support blend (diffuse like lavender - more complex sleep support)

  • Kids' Kit - The range of emotional antidotes, blended for the little ones with color coding and names like "Brave," "Steady," and "Thinker" (focus while school is online, but tbh I use this one all the time). This kit is one of my favorite things. It's brilliant.


I placed all the oils listed here in a shopping cart for doTERRA, my essential oils partner. I believe in the quality and fully use this product myself throughout my life and household. Purchasing through me guarantees their quality and supports me as a woman-owned wellness professional, too (versus going to Amazon, where you're not sure what you're getting anyway). Thank you!

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  • I highly suggest opting to become a wholesale customer (pays for itself, and totally worth it); if you need help, please email me:

LINK: My preferred diffuser and how to clean it


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