How to Create Your Consistent Self-Care Practice

March 31, 2020. No doubt, it's definitely a time of trying new things - and trying a lot of them. You're home, social distancing and self-quarantining. We are doing more things online than we ever thought possible, available, and realistic to our daily lives. Now is the time to dig in and make this exploration an opportunity to define a self-care practice that can support you for the rest of your life.

Since I just had hand surgery, I've taken a big break from my beloved asana classes and adjusted my physical practice a lot! This time has also given me an opportunity to dive into my quieter practices, and I have a renewed passion for mantras, yantras (yogic astrology), essential oils, pranayama, and meditation. Each era teaches us something about self-care and your ability to show up. I really believe that!

When I think about my self-care journey as an adult, I realize it began with a single yoga class to cope with back pain and stress. I had experimented with yoga before, but I think it was driven by my ego. I wanted to lose weight, so I went to Bikram, because I heard heated yoga burned calories (20 years later, I have a lot to say about that). I put myself through beauty routines to look good in public, versus practicing self-nourishment, energetic restoration, and replenishment. So again, if I really think about it, it was the late 90s when I decided I wanted to care for myself as a whole person. It began with a single yoga class which represented one step toward my healing and consistent care.

There is a famous proverb: "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." To do what you want to do for you, you have to start. This concept is also the first sutra in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which explains the yoga path toward higher self.

1:1 - atha yoga nushasanam

And now, yoga.

So, start. If you need a little help, here's a little road map from me to you.

Just start. Choose well.


  1. Choose one thing that you love and you can stick with

  2. Take a look at your whole schedule and carve out time to make it happen every week (or everyday)

  3. Put it on your calendar like a health appointment (because isn't it?)

  4. Show up

  5. Keep showing up

  6. Be consistent

  7. Choose a second thing that you love and can stick with, and add it to the first.

  8. Recommit

  9. Repeat

  10. Keep exploring and evolving

  11. Show up

  12. Do it again

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