Headless headstand for the fearful

So, this is how I did headstand when I couldn't be on my head due to my spinal stenosis. No way was I putting more pressure on my spine and neck! Turns out, this version feels amazing for my shoulders and helped me overcome fears of going upside down, in general.

To this day, even though I've worked it out with my neck, spine, back, and arms to do headstand without blocks, I still do the pose this way. I've even worked some really fun leg variations into the practice, away from the wall and floating free on the blocks, but that's another post. 

I've taught this technique to yogis with or without spine issues, and everyone loves it for one reason or another. Try it for you and see where it takes you! 

The full tutorial was first published on Sonima: An Innovative Supported Headstand That Will Help You Overcome Your Fears and reposted on Huffington Post


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