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Updated: Jan 3

The Family Essentials Enrollment Kit by doTERRA is my top recommendation and one of the most popular essential oils starter kits - especially if you’re 1) just getting into essential oils, or 2) interested in blending, enhancing your personal care products, or 3) want to start making your own things.

A couple of notes as you get started:

DILUTE any pure essential oil for safety (and they will last longer, too)

· Dilution can be, for example: in water (room spray), unscented lotion, detergent

· In a roller, use organic, fractionated coconut oil (less oily, no smell)

· Don’t directly apply the oil to your skin from the bottle, don’t let the bottle top touch any skin (same for droppers)

· No need to dilute when dropping in your diffuser

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Here are some ideas on how to enjoy this grouping of oils for you and your family right away. From cleaning your house to freshening your laundry and creating custom liquid soaps for every room in the house while you have fresh breath, move away from chemicals and toward more natural products and remedies in your life and home. After 10 years of living in the EO world and practically making all my own products now, I can never go back!

(If you do not have this kit and want it wholesale, send me an email:

Family Essentials Enrollment Kit

  • 10 5 ml bottles of essential oils

  • Two 100-count beadlet tubes (peppermint and On Guard)

Beadlets are the EO in a gel form for ingesting. Me: On Guard as I head out the door for system/wellness support, then chase it with peppermint for alertness, clarity, and fresh breath anytime.

Now, the rest of the oils.

The must-have trio: lavender, lemon, peppermint


Benefits: calming, relaxing, reduces skin irritations, soothes

Easy ideas

· On the bottoms of kids’ feet before bedtime

· Apply to your neck and temples when totally stressed (roller is good for this)

· A drop or two to frosting for lavender cupcakes

· Diffuse 5 drops in a diffuser for a relaxing vibe

· Dilute in a roller and apply to temples and neck when super stressed

· A few drops on your pillow before bedtime

· Combine with peppermint for a basic bug bite remedy

Blends well with: peppermint, bergamot, all citrus, basil (basically anything)


Benefits: cleans, purifies, deodorizes, aids digestion

Easy ideas

· Add one drop to water in the morning

· Use it instead of goo-be-gone for sticker residue

· Add to any cleaning product in the house for freshness and enhanced cleaning

Blends well with: peppermint, grapefruit, lavender, lime, wild orange, Siberian or douglas fir


Benefits: Refreshes, energizes, relieves headaches/nausea/fatigue

Easy ideas

· One drop on the tongue for fresh breath and energy (or use the beadlets)

· Add one drop to your smoothie or beverage (or cookies or brownies) for a pick-me-up minty taste

· In lotion/oil and breathe for respiratory help

· A drop to your dollop of shampoo for a refreshing hair/head experience

· Peppermint and lemon spray to kill bugs or on paper towels in an ant attack in vulnerable areas

Blends well with: lemon, lavender, grapefruit, rosemary, cypress, a wide range of citrus

The doTERRA blends: Deep Blue, Breathe, On Guard, Digest Zen

DEEP BLUE - a blend of 8 EOs (wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, blue chamomile, osmanthus)

Benefits: Cools, soothes muscles, relaxes after stress and strain


Easy ideas:

· Rub a few drops on muscles before and after exercise on generally stiff areas (I use for lower back, neck, and knees… usually I drop into my palm with unscented lotion or other lightly scented lotion)

· Apply to your neck and temples for tension release (best in roller, diluted)

· Bring to your massage therapist, diluted in whatever oil you want to use to spread the muscle release during the sesh

· Use this or buy Deep Blue Rub (I recommend the both if you’re really having pain and also, I travel with these two all the time)

BREATHE, THE RESPIRATORY BLEND - a blend of 8 EOs (laurel, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara, and cardamom)

Benefits: Clears airways, cools, invigorates, helps you breathe easy


Easy ideas

· Rub a few drops on the chest in the morning after a shower and you’re still damp (water is the dilution) for easy breathing to start the day

· I do a drop under my nostrils before I board a plane

· Inhale the scent straight from the bottom to breathe with some calmness

· Diffuse in a bedroom during allergy and cold season to help restful sleep with

You don’t need to blend this, but if you want, you can with Wild Orange, Lime, Bergamot

DIGEST ZEN, THE DIGESTIVE BLEND - a blend of 7 EOs (ginger, fennel, coriander, tarragon, anise, caraway, peppermint)

Benefits: Eases stomach discomfort, supports gastrointestinal tract, aids digestion

Easy ideas

· 1 drop in water pre-travel for motion sickness (or apply to tummy or inhale)

· 1 drop in water for tummy taming maintenance

· A drop or two on tummy to soothe a stomach upset (combine with FCO for easier application dilution)

· Thanksgiving/big meal staple to help it all “go down” and “process”

ON GUARD, THE PROTECTIVE BLEND - a blend of 5 EOs (wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary)

Benefits: Cleans, protects against seasonal threats, supports immune system

Easy ideas:

· Add this to any household surface cleaner or personal care item (there is a whole line of household and personal care items with On Guard, my fave is the mouthwash)

· Make non-alcoholic hand cleanser

· Diffuse in a room to protect all the people!

· 1 drop on the tongue or in your water for immunity support (or use the beadlet)

The Family Remedies: melaleuca, oregano, frankincense


Benefits: Soothes skin, relieves skin irritations, fights bacteria, purifies

Easy ideas

· Put on pimples and other minor skin irritations (on a cotton swab with aloe vera or water)

· Combine with others in the must-have trio (lav, pepp, lem) in a diffuser to freshen the air

· Add a drop or two to your facial cleanser for deep skin cleaning

· Like lemon, add to any cleaning agent for your house (in larger quantities, this oil is toxic for pets, so just a heads up)

Blends well with: Peppermint, lemon, lavender


Benefits: Supports immunity, digestion and cleans/purifies

Easy ideas

· Add to cleaners for surfaces and countertops (10 drops to 300 ml water as this oil is potent and very strong)

· Add a drop to water for digestion and cleansing

· Recipes – one drop of oregano is one tablespoon of dried oregano in flavor

· Diffuse with peppermint + cedarwood for fresh and grounding blend

Blends well with: Peppermint, lavender, basil, rosemary, bergamot, cedarwood

FRANKINCENSE “The King of the Essential Oils”

Benefits: Beautifies, rejuvenates, promote cellular health and relaxation

Easy ideas

· Add to own face moisturizer for added cellular support

· Dilute in a roller or dropper and use as a face serum for plumping and smoothing of skin

· Add to hand lotion for dry hands

· Spray relaxation in a room spray alone or by combining (in the fall, I like frankincense, cedarwood, and lavender, while in the spring I would use it with wild orange and sandalwood)

· Diffuse in a yoga class for positivity and peace

· A drop on your feet to relieve stress

Blends well with: Lime, geranium, grapefruit, the woods, rose, ylang ylang

I hope that was helpful for all you EO fans out there! Let me know if you're not a member of Architect Wellbeing! I'm excited to help educate and make EOs a fantastically supportive and fun part of your life!

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