I just need to get on the ground

photo credit: Hailey Wist, Sonima

Omg people. In the last three days, these things have vanished into thin air: my brand new earbuds, my husband's car keys, and the pitta-pacifying moon and star charms that adorned a necklace given to me by my Ayurveda teacher, which broke apart just days before. SERIOUSLY? If that were not enough, I've stubbed my toe at least six times in the last few days and toppled at least five water bottles from moving too quickly and not having a routine of where I put things or how I flow through my life. Big signs to slow down and get grounded, don't you think? Granted, my husband, Dashi doodle and I just packed up and moved homes again, so the season is not really a fair playing field for me, but even more of a reminder to nourish my lower chakras, aka snuggle into earth, the element of the first chakra, to feel more in balance. Three days of this is enough!  If I, Christine, a pitta-kapha, feel vata season coming in hard, then it must be really REAL, since I'm very low on the vata energy scale in general and really never feel this way. Regardless of your dosha, just about everyone can feel the effect of vata season right now and its upper chakra qualities of quick, light, dry, cold, mobile and fast-paced, spaciness, and irregular, to name a few. The likelihood of being blown out of balance easily is very high right now. Hi, I'm right there with you.  Here are five things I'm doing. This is my medicine right now. Go for it if you're losing your stuff, missing your steps, and feeling like a more of an airhead than normal. All of these things are balancing for the first chakra, which helps you feel calm, steady, rooted, safe, and sound in decisions and actions. 

1. Do house thingsMinimizing the run-around of errands and activities helps you feel more secure and nested, where you can be at peace. You are rooted in one, immobile spot, and it will be a good opportunity to get your house organized and feeling serene. 

2. Wear deep red or earth tonesRed is the color of the first chakra, and anything that channels the earth's energy can help you feel more anchored. Try wearing a pastel pink versus a burgundy and see if you can tell the difference.

3. Make a point to walk or sit in nature You might even literally hug a tree on this walk. Do I have to explain? Bonus points: meditate while there or lie your entire body on the grass at the park next to a big-trunked tree.

4. Eat root veggiesConnect your inner earth energy to the things that are ripe when they're in the actual dirt. In other words, embody earth with carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, ginger, and my personal favorite - turmeric (here's my article on using turmericon wellness site Live your VIE).

5. Full body oil massages Oily is one of the qualities of kapha, the dosha connected to earth and steadiness, so think of nourishing your entire body in a warming oil like sesame, almond, or olive oil and spice it up with warming essential oils. A few personal picks for fall:

  • juniper berry- grounding, calming, stress-reducer

  • myrrh- supports wellbeing, emotional balance, throat things

  • clove- warming, soothing, add to toothpaste for fresh breath

  • frankincense- emotionally calming and balancing, good for skin things

  • On Guard- a warming protector of seasonal & environmental threats 

If you can't massage the whole body, at least do your feet - massage your body's roots where they connect to earth when you're awake, get it? (P.S. If you go get a massage, bring your own oil - ask me and I'll tell you how to make one appropriate for you.) Three days, three things gone! Five simple actions and five gorgeous oils later, I'm feeling like I can get back on track.  Okay, if you'll excuse me, I have to get busy with some better self-care so I can stop losing things and feel more like myself!

  • If you have more questions, let's book an Ayurveda consultto ease this seasonal transition into big vata

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