Cleaner: Sink, Tub, Tile

I'm willing to bet you're going to do some extra cleaning these days!

Last year, I started making my own kitchen-bath cleaner to eliminate as many chemically-dominant cleaners as possible. Now, I actually like cleaning more! First, I'm not suffering from cleaning fumes. Second, I can customize my cleaners to support my own self care. Between the healing aromas and the feeling that I'm naturally making my household more delightful, it's awesome.

I change the EOs in this mix per season, but right now, in the midst of COVID, the blend leans toward a protective and super-cleansing mix.


P.S. That is not my bathroom - I wish!


Prep time: 3 minutes - Use any glass jar (I like a 16 oz. Mason)

  • 85% baking soda

  • 10% borax 

  • 5% essential oils: On Guard blend + Lemon 

  1. In a clean, big bowl, combine baking soda and borax.

  2. Scoop into jar a quarter full (if you feel ok, combine right in your jar and skip step 1).

  3. Drop about 6-10 drops of On Guard and Lemon, each (adjust for yourself).

  4. Mix and press out blobs of oils (doesn't have to be perfect, and in fact random blobs shake out for a burst later on).

  5. Keep scooping and layering til the jar is full (you can also use a clean blender to mix all at once).

Spring ideas also include basil (energizing, refreshing, stimulating) and rosemary (boost alertness and reduces anxiety). Both are referenced as antibacterial in this National Institutes of Health study.

In the summer, spearmint and peppermint will definitely make an appearance to cool things off.

In the fall, another cold and flu season, I'll choose On Guard with frankincense (protection, calming) or siberian fir (woodsy, grounding).


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