A mudra to feel more connected, instantly

If you've ever taken my class, you know I love the mudras (hand yoga). I find this part of the practice is one of the most accessible, powerful ways to connect each other in a group setting. We're instantly all on the same page, breathing, setting intentions, coming together for reasons more similar than we might think. 

Also, by starting your practice with a mudra, you cultivate a certain level of focus and energy right away, because you're placing your hands in a shape that requires your attention to detail instead of letting your mind wander to your grocery list. At the same time, notice that your hands in their intricacy originate at your heart center - the center of you, the balance of the spiritual and the physical, and the place of love, compassion, and courage - the anahata chakra. 

One of my favorite mudras is not an "official" mudra in the yoga practice, but one inspired by Japanese martial arts and featured in my book, Happy-Go-Yoga. I call it "Love Multiplier." In your hands, you make the shape of an extra heart right next to yours, with antennae to send out and receive love. Right away, we are connected. 

You can see it here, plus read more in my article for Sonima, republished in Yoga Journal as 3 Yoga Mudras for Love, Focus, and Freedom.


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