3 Ways to Make Avocado Toast More Exciting

Updated: Jan 3

Avocado toast is still as popular as ever in my world – how about you? Straight out of the skin, scooped straight into my face, I feel like I’ve won the food lottery every time.

The avocado is a rock star food – an incredible source of protein and “good cholesterol,” which fights stroke and heart disease. They also make cute dog toys.

Plus, avocados pack a good amount of potassium without a lot of sugar. They also lubricate your digestive system to assist elimination, and, let’s be honest: when that’s going well, life is good. Strong, consistent digestion and elimination is a key factor in health from an Ayurvedic perspective (see agni).

Could avocado life get any better? Absolutely.

First, the special scoop. Real avocado dorks need to honor the avocado. This fruit deserves its own utensil. There are a lot of fancy ones, but I like this one. Keep it simple and clean (Trudeau 3-in-1).

Second, while classic and fully delicious, can we move on from the egg-on-avocado toast version? The lemon, arugula, sea salt version? Oh, I've seen the fancy-pants lobster version and decided that it's not really avocado toast anymore but a whole new dish entirely.

I need fast solutions for my life, but each choice needs to pack a punch. The more I live, the more I need it to be easy and add value to my day. Those other versions are delish but do require more prep time. I will get back to those again, but for now...

Here are three easy ways - and I stress easy (not lobster fancy pants) - to make your avocado toast more exciting. All three add fire - in the form of energy or actual heat to keep you upbeat and fueled up.

1. Super Seeds: CHIA

"Chia" is the ancient Mayan word for "strength." One ounce of chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. Full of anti-oxidants to keep you fighting disease, they're also potassium-rich, and potassium helps your key body functions across the board.

Plus, an easy showering of chia seeds on your avocado toast gives it some texture and helps you feel more full so you don’t overeat. They also prevent the absorption of fat. Good source of protein, fiber, heart-healthy fats, and helps with weight maintenance? This add-on is easy, and a no brainer.

2. Spice + Smash

Smash some chickpeas in a bowl, sprinkle with turmeric and coriander, then mix and stack on top of your avocado toast. Add chopped cilantro if you'd like (it's the plant that comes from the coriander seed and keeps bones, teeth, and skin strong and healthy).

Chickpeas, oh yes: fiber, iron, big protein - namaste. Turmeric helps fight inflammation and chronic health problems, including Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Coriander supports digestion and promotes liver function to encourage detox - plus, it has a citrus and sweet undertone to delight your taste buds.

3. Get High with Sriracha

Scientists say the spicy “high” you get with sriracha, a Thai-originating hot chili sauce, is actually the result of a series of chemical reactions that release endorphins – those “feel-good” hormones. In other words, sriracha on your avocado toast chemically boosts your mood (as if you weren’t already happy enough eating avocado toast).

Have you been eating so much avocado lately that you feel like you’ve become an honorary avocado (like this is a bad thing)? Feel the need to break habit as you break bread (or toast)? Try one or all three of these ideas for a little more excitement, better digestion, and a boost of happiness all at once. Right now, in spring, fire is a good thing for moving out of the cold, dark winter months.

Thinking of sun, I am reminded of last summer, when I lived in North County San Diego and took a field trip to the annual Fallbrook avocado festival (it was the pits - there were hardly any avocados, no joke). But, I did meet the California Avocado Commission and finally got my answer to the question: Is there a difference between small (5 to a bag at Trader Joes) and large (solo, about $2 each) avocados?

So exciting! Don't you want to know? Enjoy!

Check it out: Is there a difference between small and large avocados?

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