Yes, lavender, but so much more.

One chat about essential oils could change your life.

We will figure out: 

which oils are best for your well-being challenges

why, when, and how to use them in your life

Also includes: ​

personal guidance to choose quality oils

access to wholesale prices

monthly oil + self care newsletter

an invite to our facebook community

forever guest pass to any of my studio classes

essential oils + you

Tap into the power of plant medicine and make each drop count.

Let's find out how aromatherapy can support you each day - and in surprising ways.

"OMG, used two rollers and got so much done!"

- Robin

"I realized I could actually do something about my stress - not just keep working through it during the day."

- Jenn

"I'm able to let go, fall, and stay asleep."

- Diane

I choose quality

Full disclosure: I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, my chosen essential oils brand. After a decade as an aromatherapist, this is the brand I respect across the board to deliver a quality essential oils experience in my own life and yours.

The company's direct sales model helps me to grow as a woman-owned wellness business. I can share my powerful essential oils experience and knowledge with people, like you, who would rather work with someone you trust, rather than than grab something off the shelf after reading a random article and not know what to do. I also appreciate the company's sustainable, global practices, which honor the very earth that gives us this plant science.


Thank you for working with me! #gratitude

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