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choose wellbeing

3-part kickstart


I look at every part of your lifestyle - by the hour. Then I create a personal program to replace old habits with new practices in the yoga lifestyle that will change your life! My approach reveals information that guides you to your own choices. You'll be empowered to take care of you and wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Initial Consult - 90 minutes

We do a full review and assess who you are, what you're doing, why you're feeling out of balance. Then, I develop a plan that is 100% doable for you. We kick off the program with clarity and specifics on how to do what and when.


First Follow Up - 60 minutes

From the initial consult, you get busy bringing yourself back into balance. Three weeks later, we go over everything, see what's working, and change what's needed. Moral support is included, definitely.


Second Follow Up - 60 minutes

You get more consistent and see the real impact of your choices and routines. You'll learn to get back on when you fall off. One month after the the first follow up, we check in again and set a sustainable course for the future.


By understanding your essential nature and body's own desire to be healthy and balanced, you can stop dismantling your wellbeing and instead, support it with YOUR CHOICES. In the end, you'll have a map and personal toolkit of which daily routines, practices, and products make up your sustainable self-care.


Your plan can include:  

  • yoga poses or types + meditation 

  • food categories + eating habits or environments

  • leisure activities + personal relationships

  • daily self-care rituals + wellbeing routines

  • essential oils therapy at home + at work 


Also includes: ​

  • Monthly newsletter focusing on essential oils therapy, plus simple and practical self-care methods

  • Inclusion in our invitation-only facebook community for self-care and essential oils therapy 

  • A forever guest pass to any public class I lead, anywhere

  • Moral support and redirect via text with me throughout the program

"Wow. In just an hour I basically got an owners' manual for myself." 

- Nicole, marketing exec

"Makes it so clear how to be healthier & happier." 

- Jenna, actress & musician

"I'm so much more aware of what choices I'm making!" 

- Meera, teacher & traveler